Monday, 9 January 2012


 These were the nail I had for New Year's, Shellac and Glitter.
These are my mum's nails, Shellac, glitter and foil.

These are all my nails for the Christmas season, all Shellac with Glitter. 

Saturday, 30 July 2011

More fingers and toes

one of my fav's and added black light
 Canuck nail's for Playoff's

 for Canada Day
 sponged on the colors and then stamped toes have different pattern 
                                                                                   Shellac Rock Star Toes  Blue

Shellac Rock Star Toes Purple
Shellac Rock Star Finger Nails Pink

This was a white phone case till I nail polished it and then Shattered it

This is my Polish only OPI  and China Glaze 

  I'm going to buy another so each brand will have it's own

Friday, 8 July 2011

some nails

 my orange toes
 first time to do a french on myself
                                  rainbow and shooting star with rainbow

 "GOSH" Holographic

Love this polish

 Hot Pink and Neon Yellow

 Xmas nails

 Akzentz soak-off gel mani / Pedi
 Valentine Nails

 Cherry Blossoms 

 My Favourite all china glaze and added a black light
 Akzentz soak-off sculpted nails
 Playing with marbling 

 Halloween nails
 Winter nails Azentz soak-off overlay

 New Years 2011 nails

 Just playing with polishes